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Notice for Exhibitors’Artwork, Fascia Board and License




Pleasehave the relative materials (see below) prepared and send them to theorganizing committee before Spring 16th,2019.


1.Advert artwork for the show catalogue, the size of Ads: 215mm (width) x 275mm(height),300dpi, 3mm blank at margins (total size is:        221(width)x 281mm(height)),  JPG format.

会刊广告尺寸: 215毫米(宽)X 275毫米(高),300dpi3毫米出血,(总尺寸:221(宽)X 281毫米(高)),JPG格式。

2.Please send us the final artwork of the booth fascia board(size: 295cm(width) x46cm(height), 72dpi, JPG format. Pls see sample attached.)or provide us the basic informationfor the booth fascia board(in this case, exhibitors need to fill in the confirmationtable attached) and we will make the design.

请将展位楣板设计定稿(尺寸:295厘米(宽) x 46厘米(高), 72dpi, JPG格式,样本附后)发送给我们;或提供关于展位楣板的基本资料,我们将提供设计(展商需填写确认表)。

3. Please supply the exhibitors’ certificationdocuments such as business registration certificate, broker license, theprojects certification of exhibitor, etc. to the organizing committee.


Relativedocuments please send to: Franklin@opi-expo.com





Notice for Exhibitors of 2018 BeijingAutumn International Show

一. 报到时间:2019年514–15日,上午8:30 -下午5:00


8:30a.m.-5:00p.m., May. 14th – 15th, 2019  Toget exhibitors’ Pass, Lunch & Water tickets.


Registration place:

Lobby of Hall 9. The organizingcommittee office of the international business

北京展览馆地址:北京市西城区西直门外大街135(NO.135 Xizhimenwai Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing )

Beijing Exhibition Center website: http://www.bjexpo.com

. 标准摊位搭建时间:2019年514–15上午8:30 -下午5:30


电话:(86) 10-5796 0128(86)10-5796 0129

Date of standard booths setting up: 8:30a.m.-5:30p.m.,May. 14th – 15th, 2019

(If you want tobuild up by yourself, please contact Service Centre of Beijing ExhibitionCentre 7 days before the date of setting up standard booths.

Tel: (86) 10-5796 0128;  (86) 10-5796 0129 )

.展商布置时间:2018912上午10:00 -下午5:30

Date of exhibitors’ boothsdecoration:  10:00a.m.-5:30p.m., May. 15th,2019

.展出时间:2019年516–19 上午8:30 -下午5:00

2019年519 上午8:30 -下午4:00

上午9:00 开始对公众开放

Time of exhibition: 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m., May.16th - 19th, 2019 ,

8:30a.m. - 4:00p.m., May. 19th,2019 ,

Opening time for public: 9:00 a.m. duringthe show time


Time of dismantling: 4:00p.m. , May. 19th,2019


In order to create an easy environment for exhibitors and visitors,exhibitors are not allowed to bring the audio equipment into the exhibitionhall.

. 展商只允许在自己的展位内推销自己的项目,严禁在通道等公共区域派发广告等自己项目的宣传资料。

Exhibitors should only promote your projects within your own booth(s)and not allowed to hand out fliers in public area.

. 展商在展览期间请注意保管好自己的私人物品。

Exhibitors please take good care of your personal belongings during showtime.

. 凡是参加活动区讲座的展商,请在自己的讲座时间开始5分钟之前到场确认。

Exhibitors, who registered to makea speech at the Presentation Area, please get there and make confirmation 5minutes before your own presentation time.


Accordingto the requirement of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Fire Department,exhibitors who use KT board (foam board) need to keep it at least 20cm away fromspotlights in case of fire and open a hole(20cm20cm) in the KT board for the power socket.The power socketis not allowed to move, otherwise, the BEC will not supply the electric power.

十一. 现场物品租赁要求在北京展览馆现场服务中心租赁,在外面租赁的物品一律不得带入场馆。租赁制作电话:  (86)18810715018,18611967060  QQ: 2850453800 白经理

BEC Service Centre of BeijingExhibition Centre provides renting service at site. Things rented outside arenot allowed to bring into the exhibition hall.

Contact: (86)18810715018,18611967060  QQ: 2850453800

十二. 参展商必须严格遵守201591日起施行的《中华人民共和国广告法》,在宣传资料上不得使用“国家级”“最高级”“最佳”“第一”“唯一”等词语,不得列举虚假投资回报率及不真实信息,如有违反,责任由参展商承担。

The exhibitors must comply withthe new Advertisement Law of PRC and cannot use the words such as: “nationallevel”“superlative” “best” “Number One” “Only One”and unreasonable ROE andfalse information on advertisements, otherwise, the exhibitors will take theresponsibility.

现场联系人(Contact Person:

Franklin   Mobile: (86) 18612667961   E-mail:Franklin@opi-expo.com

Jenny    Mobile: (86) 15107037237   E-mail: Jenny@opi-expo.com